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Submarine Patches

Special Collector Patches & Patch Sets

Deep Silent Fast Deadly US Submarine Force Patch  [view]



Lost Boats of WW2 Set (52 patches)
$485.00 value only $325.00



41 for Freedom Set (41 patches)
$365.50 value only $275.00



Complete Trident Set (18 patches)
$174.00 value only $125.00




Search Our Patch Catalogue
Note: We have included a small selection of skimmer patches in our catalogue at the request of those of our shipmates who have served aboard the target fleet. The skimmer offerings are limited.

Enter Hull Number, Submarine Name,
or Hull Designation and Click "GO"



Search Tips

Searching by hull number is the easiest and fastest way to access the list of available patches (eg. 645). This example would return all the available USS James K. Polk patches for both the SSN and SSBN configuration, including any special commemorative issue patches.

If you wanted to browse the available collection of a specific type of boat, enter just the hull designation (eg. SSN). This example would display the entire collection of available patches of fast attacks from the database.

To display all the boats that shared a name (eg. Cavalla), search using the boat name as the search string. This example search would display the available patches for USS Cavalla (SSK 244) and the USS Cavalla (SSN 684).

You can also search on keywords such as USSVI, or COMSUBGRU6.

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